10 Useful Tips For Automobile Enthusiast

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This article provides a surprisingly simple techniques, how to extend the life of the machine, making it reliable, comfortable and beautiful. These tips will be useful for both novice motorists, and drivers with experience.

  1. If you want to improve the appearance of the plastic instrument panel, it is necessary to wipe the furniture polish and then rub a clean piece of cloth. Your panel brilliance and freshness is guaranteed.
  2. Many are annoyed when the vehicle floor have dirty snow. It melts, the water flowing under the mat, resulting in rusting metal. From this, you can easily get rid of. Take a simple grid that is used in the kitchen sink, and put it under the rug. This creates a ventilation, which allows the bottom to stay dry.
  3. In cold weather should be cleaned car windows slightly dampened sponge and soapy. This will eliminate their fogging.
  4. Plastic tabs ignition often wear out or melted. It is not necessary to change the whole lock immediately. Attach the ledge polyethylene. Cut it into small pieces, put in the place of the defect, and then heat the soldering iron. Then take a file and give the details of the necessary form. 10 Useful Tips For Automobile Enthusiast
  5. Restore the former color lenses lamps is very simple: you have to remove the lenses, brush them inside, covered with red lacquer, which protects the solder joints. This varnish is transparent; therefore, lanterns light will be visible during the day.
  6. Moisture and dust – a long-standing enemy’s reflector headlight cover. When they hit it fades or peels. To seal the lights suitable clay. Spread them all connections.
  7. If refused brake light switch, it should be boiled for five minutes in ordinary water.
  8. To dials for a long time maintained the original look, you should protect them from corrosion. We recommend using lacquer RF 283 (4 C). First clean and degrease the discs, then apply varnish. In addition, this should be done twice (a day after drying).
  9. What should I do if the car stalled, and no one to help the driver? We recommend to stock up on a wire mat, which is sold in hardware stores. It is easy to use and is cheap. If it is placed under the slipping wheels, you can move out easily even with the ice surface.
  10. The dents on the steel body of many drivers leads to despair. They begin to correct them, but only worsen the appearance of the machine. However, some dents easily leveled strong magnet. It should take the edge dents, and then pull toward you. Sequentially move the magnet for the deformed place, and this section is equalized.

Watch this video for more useful tips for automobile enthusiast:

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