Car Comfort Systems

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One of the main criteria when choosing a car, which is followed by 90% of customers, is just the comfort level.

What are the systems of immediate comfort?

What we can refer to the first group? What a motorist encounters constantly? Of course, it is the driver’s seat. A huge number of innovative systems and technologies, aimed at trying to make the landing of the driver, and the passenger, as convenient. As a result, today’s cars instead of banal mechanical seat adjustment are equipped with electric. The more you pay the higher level of comfort. That is why BMW equips the luxury version of its car seats with variable geometry. For example, change the lateral support of seats, increasing its length to the legs as little as possible were in suspense. Alternatively, for example, system memory position driver seat – is not a comfort system? Therefore comfort too divisive.

For direct systems of comfort, that is what is used constantly and is considered a matter of course; include an electric or power steering, power brakes, automatic transmission, climate control, etc. All this creates a high level of comfort and is in use constantly. List the system can be indefinitely, because everything that is done in the car made for the comfort of those who will be in this car.

Car Comfort Systems

Increase comfort systems

What does this group mean? For example, there is a car with a basic comfort system, what we talked about earlier: the automatic transmission, power steering, etc. System to increase comfort – are the ones that are not used all the time, but only under certain conditions. For example, a cruise control system, which is connected only when the driver hits the road. On the one hand, car and so has a high level of comfort, but to make the movement more comfortable, you can use here such systems, which operate under certain circumstances in certain circumstances.

In addition to the cruise control can also mention pressure monitoring system tire smart start system, etc.

The main rule of comfort

All the innovative systems that are embedded in cars, in fact, only cloud the mind of man, and he saw how useful options has one car, turning away from the one that has the complete set of simpler, but at the same time is more comfortable.

What are the main criteria of comfort, and that should be guided? This is not a variety of options in the form of heating wipers, remote start the car, or adaptive lighting. Yes, it is certainly important, but there are systems that are decisive. To those include the suspension characteristics of the vehicle; it is very important how the car behaves on the road. For example, it can be packed with electronics, which supposedly enhances comfort, but the chassis is designed so that each pit will penetrate into the interior. Yes, this state of things you do not want any new technology, you will be ready to give everything for the quality of the chassis. The same considerations could be considered noise-vibration-sound insulation. Comfort unimaginable without silence. The characteristics of the engine, the same automatic transmission, which we remembered – this is the main and the main parameters that influence the comfort of the car, and all the other electronic systems – is only a small complement to what is already there.

Watch this video to learn more about how to install car comfort systems:

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