Ford Turin 1969

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The Fairlane and also the Turin trim possibility have only a few visible alterations for the 1969 year model. The largest changes are mechanical with a bigger alternative of engines, new transmissions, and differential choices supplemental yet. The new addition to the model lineup is that the “Cobra” version with 2 veriations. There’s a 2 door quick back or “Sport roof” and a 2 door exhausting prime on the market. The GT versions and also the uptown Ford Turin 1969 all have the deluxe trim package as basic instrumentation. Ex gratia instrumentation includes bucket seats, clock, tachometer, and power disc brakes.

For the new elapid snake a four speed, significant duty suspension, hood pins, and a blacked out grill are basic instrumentation. Ex gratia instrumentation offered in1969 includes a hood scoop and a special differential with a alternative of gears. Most Ford literature and repair guides list the 2 new elapid snake models as a “Torino Cobra” not a Fairlane five hundred. The VIN encompasses a Fairlane five hundred range however the models solely have the name elapid snake scripted on the body. The elapid snake brand is on the body and interior with no mention of Turin or Fairlane. However; on the NASCAR circuits in ’69 the model is listed as Turin elapid snake. They did all right that year high-powered by the 428 elapid snake reaction engine

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The base engine on all models Ford Turin 1969 could be a new 250 cubic inch (4.1 Liter) inline six, aside from the Turin GT and also the elapid snake vesions. The littlest ex gratia V8 supply could be a 302 cubic inch (4.9 L) engine. This can be the fundamental power for any of the GT models. For a little additional stand up and go there’s a new introduced Windsor V8 mounted with a 2 barrel carburator for this 351 cubic inch (5.8 L) engine. For additional power the Windsor 390 cubic inch (6.4 L) V8 with a four barrel carburettor is additionally on the market. The fundamental transmission offered on all the on top of models could be a 3 speed customary mounted on the steering column.

A four speed customary and also the 3 double-geared C-6 Cruis-o-Matic are each choices on most V8 engines. The sole engine for the 2 new models is that the elapid snake Jet (CJ) 428 cubic inch (7.0 L). the fundamental engine supply is with a 735 cfm Holly four barrel carburettor that delivers 335 bhp (250 kW). As an extra possibility the engine may be equipped with the Ram Air induction package which incorporates a purposeful hood scoop though this doesn’t boost the horse power rating. The Ram package additionally includes: significant duty cooling, a fifty five amp generator, eighty amp battery, and special 3.25:1 geartrain in AN open differential. The chromed valve covers, duel exhaust, and “428 elapid snake Jet” decals on the hood scoop complete this package. the 2 elapid snake models are equipped with either a 3.51:1 or a 4.30:1 gear magnitude relation within the open differential. If you selected to not take the Ram possibility on your elapid snake then the “428 elapid snake Jet” decals are placed on every front fender.

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The most powerful engine for Ford Turin 1969 is that the 428-4V Super elapid snake Jet (SCJ) engine possibility referred to as the “drag pack”. This engine additionally did all right in NASCAR events in ’69 competitory because the Turin Talladega. This athletics version has mechanics body options that don’t seem to be all on the market on the retail market models. The NASCAR Turin encompasses a “sport roof,” AN mechanics tipsy front, and a flush mounted grill. The Talladega is merely equipped with the C-6 transmission. This can be a rare model with solely 754 units going the Ford factory. The drag package comes either because the “Q” code with a four barrel carburatoror the “R” code with Ram Air package. This high performance engine is changed with the Ford oil cooler, solid pistons, lupus Mans 427 screw connecting rods, and a nodular controlled rotating shaft. there’s additionally an out of doors weight on the nose behind the harmonic balancer. There’s an alternative of the Traction lock restricted slip differential with 3.91:1 gears and nine in. Axels or the Ford port locker backside with 4.30:1 gears.

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