Guide to Car Gadgets – What You Should Buy in 2016?

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In recent years, people began to use cars more often than before. In addition, where it does not apply to professional activities (driver). We are often on the road. With the car, the family often goes to picnics or to go to work for falls, but in cars, we have to be more. For our convenience in the car were designed various gadgets.

Anti-glare glasses

Drivers there is a constant pressure on the eye, it is a long and monotonous. This may cause impaired vision. Drivers with a vision problem it is recommended to use glasses with anti-reflective coating. Such glass is passed more light and easy to recover from the eyes dazzle oncoming headlights, and in conditions of poor visibility, they significantly improve the quality of vision.

Please be aware that cover the spectacle may be different. On the anti-reflection, we have described above. There are polarized lenses. Such lenses effectively protect the eyes from the glare of the sun and oncoming headlights, look through these lenses are nice and the eyes do not get tired. However, these glasses cannot be worn at night. Guide to Car Gadgets gps instant

Warning triangle

Japanese developers literally everyone can implement computer technology. So in 2010 the Chun-Cheh Chang and Tsai Wan-Hua presented in German competition projected alarm, for which he received the award. At night, hard to react to the sign, which stands near the car on the ground, especially if it is a turn or hill. A projected sign is very noticeable even from a distance. This idea is very interesting, but in our area it is may be problem.

However, there is a more affordable option Emergency stop sign – a sign with light and magnet. This sign has two backlight modes allow you to see the sign of even a kilometer away and at night it will attract the attention of drivers is greater than the old version of the warning triangle. Magnet powerful and allows you to instantly enhance a sign anywhere of the car – on the trunk of a car roof. It is really a good thing, which will not take up much space in the trunk of a car; its size is approximately 15×15 cm.

The sensor of head position

Drivers who have to stay for a long time behind the wheel, especially at night, and no passengers who talk with the driver, and he is distracted from sleep are at risk of falling asleep behind the wheel. Therefore, we developed a special gadget – head position sensor, which is mounted behind the ear and responds to the tilt of the head. It arranged a special sensor, which senses motion and if the head is tilted to such an extent that it is sleepy, it starts beeping loudly. The thing is convenient and very useful, and it cost just $ 3-4.

Check this video to find top-5 car gadgets you need to buy in 2016:

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