Honda Accord 2016 – a New Model of a Popular Family Sedan

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Every time a best-selling sedan in the US goes for a refreshment the industry gets a good doze of excitement. For the 2016 model year Honda’s Accord gets tons of updates, including a retuned suspension and a cutting-edge tech interface with powerful Smartphone integration, to name a few. Add all that to a car that is already considered to be the second best after Toyota’s Camry on the market of modern-day sedans and you’ll get an all-around awesome family car that will stick with you for the next 15 to 20 years. Or even more.

If you’re all about the exterior looks, the new Honda Accord 2016 will please you with redesigned front/back fascias, including a new front grille, new taillights and LED foglights. The wheel design is updated as well, and the higher trims will get a larger rubber. On the inside you’ll also get tons of improvements, such as the aforementioned Smartphone integration technology: all you gotta do is connect your gadget (an Android-run phone or your regular iPhone) to the infotainment system and the touchscreen will display everything you’ve got going on in your phone. Pretty cool, right? You bet!

Honda Accord 2016: One Of The Best Offers On The Market

And even though the infotainment system in the Accord is not the best in the game, this new advanced tech will make it that much more appealing to the customers, because it’s much more user-friendly and intuitive than what the other brands offer. To be honest, all that tech-savvy and the changes to the exterior design are only aimed at making the already killer sedan just a little bit better.

Honda Accord 2016

The previous editions continue to impress with super-quick and responsive handling, plentitude of interior leg- and head-room, cozy, spacious seats, generous cargo capacity, a competitive list of standard-level equipment and techy features, mighty, affordable and yet pretty economical powertrains, and, finally, good ratings in crash tests. Top-notch build quality and a pretty high resale value only add to the overall ground-breaking picture. However, as you might imagine, the Honda Accord 2016 is not the only high-end mid-size family sedan on the market.

The Fierce Competition

You’ve got the latest Mazda 6 that boasts a sporty design and handling, with fast acceleration and a stylish interior. Second, there’s the Ford Fusion 2016, which is an all-around solid choice for your fam and the brand-new Hyundai Sonata – a more conservative ride with good crash test scores and also a good resale value. Still, the latest Camry is far ahead of the competition and the biggest rival to the Accord.

Honda Accord 2016 pic

With all things considered, these two are the best on the market – have been for a while now. The Camry provides a fuel-efficient powertrain and lots of interior room. At the same time, the Honda Accord 2016 offers just the same, so, it’s a matter of personal taste and preferences. Either way you’ll get a class-leading sedan with good looks, economical engines, appealing designs and high standards for reliability, durability and safety. If you take care of it, the car will take care of you.

The Powertrain

With the Accord you’ve got 4 trim levels to choose from, so, there’s plenty to go around. And there’s a choice between two engines: the entry-level 2.4-lit 4-cylinder, that’s good for 185HP and 181 lb-ft of torque, and the mighty 3.5-lit V6 that’s capable of 278 Horsepower and 252 pound-feet of torque.

The first unit returns healthy 37 miles per gallon on the highway and 27MPG in the city (31MPG combined), while the second one returns 34MPG hwy/21MPG city (26MPG combined).

Honda Accord 2016 picture

The fully-equipped Honda Accord 2016 with the V6 engine goes from zero to 60 miles per hour in 6.1 seconds, which is pretty impressive for an affordable family-oriented mid-size sedan. And that’s it for the latest Accord.

Watch video: 2016 Honda Accord – Review and Road Test

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