Honda CR-V 2016 – An Adorable crossover SUV

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The market of small crossover SUVs might not be the most intriguing in the industry, but it offers us – the customers, the Regular Joes – plenty of functionality and flexibility, and for an appealing price, too. Honda CR-V 2016 – a typical small crossover can easily take in as much as 4 passengers and their luggage; plus, it provides an excellent view of what’s ahead because of the elevated driver’s seat.

As for the engines, they’re usually pretty small and won’t shock you with performance; but, they are quite fuel-efficient, and if you’re in the market for an affordable family car, that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Bottom line is, as long as you’re not a rich fella who’s craving for a sports car-like performance and a wild driving experience, you won’t fun anything as well-rounded, universal and practical as a contemporary small crossover SUV. That’s why they’re becoming more and more popular every day – because that’s what folks need. And I’m pleased to say that the Honda CR-V 2016 is one of the best offers today.


Lots Of Room, Cargo Space And Tons Of Features

Honda CR-V 2016 fast photo

Honda CR-V 2016 just amazing image

The interior is well-shaped and designed, all for a trouble-free and enjoyable day-to-day routine on the road. The main feature of this car is usability: the wide doors make it easy to step in and out, and, with plenty of legroom and headroom on the inside this makes riding in the back seats quite a fun experience. Back at the trunk, the latest CR-V offers generous cargo capacity, with 37.2 cubic feet at your disposal day and night.

In case you were wondering, that’s more than enough to fit your laptop, your fishing gear, the groceries and your kids’ stuff. And if that’s not good for you, go ahead and fold down the back seats which will almost double the available cargo space (and you’ll be able to fit an elephant in there, or, better yet, a mammoth).

Another great fact about the Honda CR-V 2016 is plentitude of choice: Honda has always been known for generous entry-level features and an impressive list of available techy stuff and safety equipment, so, if you wanna cash in for a little extra, be my guest.


Honda CR-V 2016 – Five Trim Levels To Choose From

Honda CR-V 2016 from inside pic

Honda CR-V 2016 amazing seats photo

The standard trim will get you covered on most sides, but if you want the ultimate low-budget edition, go with the EX trim – the golden middle (you’ve got 5 to choose from: LX, SE, EX, EX-L and Touring). With it you’ll get some pretty cool features, including heated front seats, keyless ignition/entry, a sunroof, automatic headlights, foglights, blind-spot monitoring, a 7-inch touchscreen, a 6-speaker sound-system, cruise control, a rearview camera, air conditioning, Bluetooth/USB connections, and so much more.

If you want top-quality safety equipment, like lane-keeping assist and (automatic) emergency braking, go for the ultimate trim – CR-V Touring. With it you’ll also get 18-inch wheels, adaptive cruise control, a power liftgate, navigation, High Def. Radio, project beam headlights, and more. Other than that, the EX is your strongest bet if you want the best value for your money.


The Powertrain

Honda CR-V 2016 on the field photos

Honda CR-V 2016 at night outside photo

Not much to go around here. Every Honda CR-V 2016 on the market, no matter the trim level, comes packed with the same engine: it’s a 2.4-lit 4-cyl unit that’s good for 185 Horsepower and 181 pound-feet of torque. It’s mated to CVT (continuously variable transmission; that’s the only available pick) and you’ve got a choice between FWD (front-wheel drive) and AWD (all-wheel drive).

This powertrain returns 33 miles per gallon on the highway and 26MPG in the city (29MPG combined), which is a class-leading result. The AWD CR-V is only a few miles behind, so, no big difference there. In real-world testing the Honda CR-V 2016 with all-wheel drive goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in healthy 8.8 seconds, and that’s higher than average.
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See this video —–> 2016 Honda CR-V EX-L – Ultimate In-Depth Look in 4K:

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