How Do You Choose Car Mats? Useful Tips

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Mats in the car to date is vital. Not every car owner cares about what it looks like interior of his car. You should choose car mats carefully.

Those who buy a car in the future take care of her, doing his best for the future of comfort in it. During rain, snow or passengers and the driver can bring dirt into the cabin, and then it will have to clean and wash. Dry dirt from upholstery to clean very hard and it makes no sense, because this came up mats. Therefore, mats should be bought immediately after the purchase of the car. Rugs can be used in the trunk and inside the car, it is best to buy two mats of these kinds.

A good carpet pad is considered, which is fitted under the floor of your vehicle, it must be fixed and must not get wet, and it collects dust and holds it.

The mat should be dense and model, in which case it will not move out under the pedal perfectly lie on the floor.

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Features carpet:

  • From dirt and excess moisture. Of course, the mats do not clean the shoes from the mud and swamps, but it will prevent the spread of the cabin and protect against the appearance of underbody corrosion.
  • Create coziness;
  • Improves appearance of the interior, especially if it is the same color as the color of seat covers;

Car mats are divided into winter and summer and pile fabrics and rubber

Mats are made primarily from polyurethane, rubber and other components of similar composition. The main advantage of these mats is practical, easy to wash and you can do it without using detergents. Convenient considered mats, depth of which 6 cm. There are rugs and low pine forests, but they are less practical, because if they are water, producing mats without spilling it very difficult. If possible, it is better to buy quality-modeling mats that are designed and customized for your model car. Do not buy Chinese rugs, as in the summer nights in the cabin can stand the smell of rubber.

Rubber mats are in all season, but in the summer they are less practical, because the dust when driving with the windows open up and falls to the bodies of the driver’s or passenger’s breath.

Some cars have special brackets for attaching the mat; in this case, mats should be adapted precisely for model cars. Otherwise, the new pad will be torn because the hook. For the Wipe seats, namely in the area of the pedals, have come up with a mini-pad with Velcro.

With regard to pile carpets, their backside must be rough, and the basis of its rigid, so that it was not going to the accordion.

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Choose Car Mats – Summer mats

On summer, rugs considered mats of cloth. The truth is now quite strong textile mats and can be used the whole year. Nap mats are also divided into two types of high and low pile. These mats are made of carpet and polypropylene. Floor mats with high pile has extra protection, foam lining that dries quickly and is easy to absorb moisture.

Some car owners believe that for the piled carpets need extra care, it is not. It is sufficient to clean with a brush or vacuum. What mat still choose this one will decide for itself based on their needs and finances. So, don’t forget to Choose Car Mats!

See the video—>Selecting the Best Car Mats:

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