Is It Necessary To Warm Up The Car?

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It has long been among motorists there is an issue – what to warm up the car and whether it is necessary to do it. Of course, there are the supporters of this procedure and opponents – it is a typical situation. We delve into this issue and talk about whether or not the car to warm up in the winter not only necessary, but also in the summer.

How to warm up the car?

Despite the fact that each machine has its own, individual recommendations can allocate a common parameter. During summer, heating should be carried out for 30 seconds in wintertime interval ranges from three to 5 minutes, depending on how low the temperature is lowered.

Another answer to the question: how much it is necessary to warm up the car? – Can be constructed as follows: Ideally, you need to warm up the engine to operating temperature, or at least up to 50 degrees. These are the best 3-5 minutes in the winter, or 30 seconds in the summer. During this period, the oil thins and starts to fully circulate through the engine channels.

We hope that the issue of how much you need to warm up the car, we were able to give an exhaustive answer. 

How to warm up the car?

Warming means the engine at idle, that is, without the slightest stress. To do this, you need to transfer the gear stick in neutral position (if the car has an automatic transmission, leaving the lever in the Parking position) and start the car. During the time while the machine is warming up, you can see it, wipe the headlights and windows.

Once the engine has gained operating temperature, do not rush at once to rush at full speed. The fact is that even after heating the engine needs gentle treatment, that is, work at low speed, smooth movement. Accelerator pedal you have, literally, iron, and do not push her foot hard. This gentle treatment is enough the first couple of kilometers, then the car can be operated in standard mode.

So, to the question whether to warm up the car, we would like in the winter should be understood, but about whether it is necessary to warm up the car in the summer – will be discussed later.

Do we need to warm up the car in the summer?

As we already mentioned, in the summer warm-up takes place within 30 seconds. Specifically, this procedure even warming is difficult to call. The fact that in the summer time, the oil is already in the heated state, and to provide engine idling several seconds is necessary in order that the oil has had time to pass through all channels and lubricate all necessary details, which are in friction with each other.

Consequently, heating as such is not needed in summer, it is necessary to wait a few seconds until the oil begins to circulate, and all. Wait until the engine is warmed up to the desired temperature, it is also not necessary.

Thus, we looked at with you, if necessary for modern cars, such a procedure, as a warm-up. We have read the rules of how to warm up the car. We hope that we were able to provide answers to all the questions you may have.

Remember, winter is just around the corner, already begin to accustom themselves to the fact that it is necessary to warm up the engine to operating temperature and then the heart of your car will not act up for many years.

Check this video to find out if it is necessary to warm up the car:

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