Life Hacking For Car Drivers – It’s Important!

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In this article, we will tell and someone will remind about the simple Life Hacking and advice useful for motorists. Part of it is seasonal and some are relevant in any weather.
Cleaning automotive optics

Lights are very simply and efficiently clean the toothpaste. First, it is fast, and secondly, you will be pleasantly surprised the result – lights will shine!

How to defrost the door locks

In our part of the problem is the freezing of locks of doors – not uncommon, nor small bottles with rare sanitary hand gel in our bags. Due to the high alcohol content, this gel will help unfreeze the castle. Clicking on the bottle, it is convenient to inject.

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How to remove a small dent on the body

Small dents on the car body can be removed using a strong magnet. It is necessary to bring him to the edge of the dent and pull over, then subsequently move a magnet for the deformed portion as long as it is level. However, remember that, despite the apparent simplicity of the method, you cannot fix a dent, but rather damage the paintwork. Therefore, if you are not too confident in their abilities, better entrust the repair to professionals.

Note that some motorists managed to fix dents in cars using the plunger and dry ice. However, we do not suggest spending on your car such experiments.

What to do to the windows from misting

The problem of misted windows in the cold season – the total for all drivers. To avoid it, wipe the glass with a damp, soapy cloth a little machine.

If the windshield of the car covered with a crust of ice, and the scraper on hand you do not, you can clean it using the normal table salt. It is necessary to prepare a solution of 2 tablespoons of salt in a glass of water and wipe the glass to them, as long as the ice does not come down. Then wipe the glass with a dry cloth.

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Life Hacking – From time to time, wash the engine

Yes, it carries a certain risk, so you need to advance to try and find a good car wash, where the wizard will do everything accurately. Engine Wash – this is not a whim. In fact, this is important, because in case of breakage wizard on the service, and you will be able to quickly identify leaks do you have any liquid in any particular place.

How to deal with an unpleasant odor in the cabin

Unpleasant odors inside the vehicle (e.g., cigarette smoke) can be eliminated using natural ingredients: soda, coffee, or activated carbon. Containers with absorbent put in the cabin and the trunk of the night. Repeat as long as the smell will not disappear. It is desirable, of course, pre-produce dry cleaning.

Thta’s it as for Life Hacking for car owners!

See the video—>7 Easy Car Life Hacks:

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