Lotus Life Sport 300 Automobile

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A review of The Lotus life Sport 300 Sports automobile, covering development, necessary options, and technical knowledge of this the twenty fourth model within the Lotus vary.

In this article, I supply a homesick look into the Lotus life Sport 300, one among AN upper class of classic cars, that was factory-made throughout the amount 1993 to 1994.

The body styling of the Lotus life Sport 300 was made by national leader Thompson, the chief designer at Lotus.

The automobile was originally given within the type of an idea at the NEC Motor Show in Birmingham in 1993, and was a direct success, withal the very fact that it had been colored bright yellow.

It was planned as an edition sports automobile with a target market of concerning fifty units and was, in essence, the road going version of the life X180R.

In the end, sixty four units of the game 300 were designed over a 2 year production amount.

Although it had a tag of nearly £65,000, it had been still cheaper than a Ferrari 348TB.

The styling of the body was supported the life Series four model, to that was added a front airdam that incorporated variety of ducts for cooling the brakes.

The wheel arches were considerably extended an oversized wing was supplemental at the rear.

Lotus Life 300 Sport ptoto

The rest of the automobile was, in fact, a variant of the life X180R that was entered, with nice success, throughout the 1991 to 1993 seasons, within the America World Challenge series, sponsored by the SCCA (Sports automotive Club of America).

It embodied a four purpose braced frame that provided further tortional rigidity, one thing that had continuously been lacking in earlier Esprits.

Unusually for Lotus, it had been fitted with a restricted slip differential, that came as customary instrumentation.

The overall weight of the automobile was reduced by the intensive use of composite materials.

It had high-powered motor-assisted steering, and also the suspension pure mathematics was changed with abundant stronger coil springs and dampers, that were fitted all spherical.

Furthermore, the front track was multiplied, while that at the rear was widened by 2 inches.

A very noticeable feature of the automobile were the OZ 3 piece wheels, that measured 8.5×16 inches at the front, and 10.5×17 inches at the rear, and created outstanding grip and braking.

Lotus Life 300 Sport pic

It sported 327 millimeter front airy discs with 280 millimeter discs at the rear, used athletics calipers, and was protected by a Delco ABS anti lock braking system.

It was high-powered by a Lotus 910S, 2174 cc, 16 valve, twin overhead cam engine, connected to a revised Garrett T3/T4 turbocharger, and a charge-cooler (intercooler).

With a compression magnitude relation of 8.0:1, it had been fitted with Delco Multi purpose fuel injection system.

Using enlarged body of water valves, polished body of water ports, and a recalibrated engine management system, it developed 302 bhp at 6400 rev, and 287 ft/lbs of force at 4400 rev. Therefore it was named Sport 300.

Check out this video —> Lotus Factory Tour:

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