Mazda Australia Keeps On Breaking Records since 2012

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When selecting a replacement automotive, there’s a large vary of alternative. However, the Mazda Australia figures show that a nice range of individuals have great confidence during this Japanese complete. Mazda has been a preferred complete in Australia for several years and from the utility vehicles through to family hatchbacks, deluxe saloons through to super minis, the Mazda vary encompasses a automotive to suit all needs and tastes.

Recent figures have shown that for the second year running, Mazda Australia has sold-out over 100,000 new vehicles. These figuressinve 2013 ensure Mazda’s place mutually of the highest 3 brands within the Australian automotive market. In line with the FACTS figures, Mazda currently dominates virtually a tenth market share with 103,144 new vehicles sold-out for 2013. These figures embody utilities, cars and SUVs, that seats Mazda because the third common complete within the country and also the leading bourgeois of a full line of vehicles.

The figures area unit bolstered by the Mazda three. This can be one among highest cars in demand for Mazda Australia. Annual sales for 2013 were over 42,000 vehicles. This enclosed AN astonishing figure of 4,022 Mazda 3′s sold-out in Gregorian calendar month 2013. This provided a good boost to the sales figures as several automotive enthusiasts sought-after out AN advantageous deal before the launch of the new style Mazda three in early 2014.

Mazda Australia CX-5 photo

The Mazda titles do not stop there. The figures show that the Mazda two is that the favorite lightweight automotive for Australia. This can be the second time in 3 years that Mazda has taken this title. The figures for 2013 showed that over 15,000 Mazda 2′s were sold-out through Mazda Australia.

However, Mazda isn’t simply thought of as a hatchback manufacturer. The CX-5 managed to line variety of sales records for the 2013 sales amount. Though the 2012 figures were terribly favourable at 15,861 vehicles sold-out, the 2013 figures have shown a large improvement of twenty seven % increase at over 20,000 CX-5′s sold-out. This created the CX-5 Australia’s favorite SUV.

Mazda Australia additionally managed to enhance provide and boost sales of the BT-50. The BT-50 had AN all time sales record high of thirteen,702 vehicles sold-out in 2013. This eclipsed the previous sales record by virtually 2 thousand vehicles or 16%.
Mazda Australia BT-50 img

With the recent award winning trend at the Australia’s Best automotives and Drive Car of the Year, the Mazda half-dozen has additionally had its best sales year since the last high in 2008. 7,701 Mazda 6′s were sold-out in 2013, that represents a 30% sales increase since 2011. This can be thought to flow from to the launch of the style Mazda half-dozen that hit the show rooms in late 2012. The Mazda half-dozen has simply achieved the crown for Australia’s prime mercantilism middle sized import, outselling its nearest rival by virtually four,500 vehicles.

The company area unit intelligibly pleased with the 2013 sales performance. In line with director of Mazda Australia, Martin Benders, the corporate is incredibly grateful for the support Mazda receives from the Australian public. 2013 was then the second year, the corporate sold-out in way over one 100,000 new vehicles and that they anticipate that the new developments for SKY ACTIV technology within the Mazda three can give a “strong start” for sales in 2014.

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