Obligations Of The Car Drivers – Driving Rules

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What is required from the driver of traffic regulations?

Rules of the road we are always strict, but fair. Useless to argue with them, and do not want to, because they are reasonable. So, in the driver’s responsibilities include:

  • Strictly abide by these same rules of the road to avoid accidents and other troubles.
  • Stop at the request of employees of traffic police to check the documents of the vehicle, as well as in all other cases.
  • To present employees of traffic police at the request of a number of documents. In the event of a road accident to call the traffic police and workers remain in place prior to their arrival and description of the plan and the details of this trouble.
  • Evacuate the vehicle from the place of the traffic accident and to avoid the difficulty of travel to other road users.
  • Skip pedestrians entering the crosswalk that looks very polite, but the conception is inconvenient and causes many problems with heavy traffic.Obligations Of The Car Drivers
  • Skip, rearranging the side, special vehicles with included flashing beacons and special signals, because sometimes do not enforce this can someone very expensive.
  • As the driver duties include and driving sober, and is punishable by any form of intoxication: alcohol, drugs, medicinal. It is mandatory for the driver must request the traffic police inspector to be examined in the intoxication or rapid test on the spot or complete in the hospital, in case of failure thereof from the driver automatically recognizes the fact of intoxication and subjected to appropriate measures.
  • Check before driving the vehicle repair and prevent movement in the event of a failure of the steering and brake, lighting equipment and other “vital” for the vehicle systems.
  • The driver must buckle up before driving belt and it is a duty, not an action as desired.
  • Another item prescribed in the rules – transport of children up to 12 years in special restraints selected for the age and weight of the child. If passengers with small problems it is not, then raisings generation often actively resist attempts to prove his maturity.
  • The driver’s responsibilities include vehicle equipment first aid kit, fire extinguisher and warning triangle.

All of the above legislation approved and non-negotiable. In case of violation involves any official penalty or forfeiture. It should be noted that to deprive the driver Driving license could only court having taken the appropriate decision and determining the period of deprivation. The amount of the fines is strictly regulated by law.

Check this video to learn more about obligations of the car drivers:

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