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Here’s  a Practical Advice For Women Driving Cars, let’s start. Today, the woman behind the wheel – the usual, no surprise, and the evil phenomenon of ridicule. Ladies are equal participants in traffic. Global emancipation has been long captured and a sphere of human activity, like driving a car. Practice shows that a woman at the wheel behave much more balanced and calmer men, women more stress resistance and do not differ unnecessary recklessness. Sometimes a female driver is capable of even more quickly respond to changes in the traffic situation than the man…

Women are usually no serious problems finding a parking space for your car. Interesting studies on the subject conducted in English parking operator NCP. The results of the data analysis with cameras say that 92% of women can easily find a free place where you can moor your car conveniently. For comparison – in men this figure is only 63%. However, an entirely different matter parking culture. Most women (77%) place your car in the middle of the parking, not thinking about the convenience of the other drivers.

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However, it must be understood, largely concerns experienced queens steering wheel and horn. Beginners as women drivers are distinguished by uncertainty, confusion and a fair fear intense urban traffic, which, however, is common to all newcomers, regardless of gender. Therefore, practical advice to women drivers are aimed primarily at helping the ladies get comfortable behind the wheel, avoid many dangerous situations on the road and make the car the most convenient means of transportation and not dangerous for surrounding mechanism .

In the ranking of a purely “women’s” leading crashes: Collision with parked vehicle;

Beat the other car at the time ago;

Crash when trying to turn around;

Hit a pedestrian because of carelessness;

The clash at the exit from the secondary road.

Consequently, important advice novice driver says that it is necessary to exercise caution, not only on the road, but also at the exit from the parking lot. The following tips are designed to help women who are just starting to drive, learn the secrets of skill and adapt faster driving.

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Practical Advice For Women Driving Cars – PRINCIPLE of predictability

One of the main concerns of women newcomers on the road – complete unpredictability of behavior in an extreme situation. The main rule of driving, it is the same advice the experienced driver says – do not create interference to other traffic participants. This means that you should not make any abrupt and dangerous maneuvers, suddenly change course and speed mode.

Sitting behind the wheel, it is necessary to abandon the chaotic throwing and tune in to the smoothness and consistency of their actions. Before you make any maneuver to be sure, there is no interference. This will help the rearview mirror. With time comes the intuitive sense of distance. In the meantime, do not need to travel at high speed, even if the road seems to be free. So, that’s it with the Practical Advice For Women Driving Cars.

See the video—>10 Tips For New Drivers:

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