Preparation Of The Car To The Garage Storage

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By the use of the vehicle in the winter should be taken responsibly and competently. This article contains 10 tips on the preparation and operation of the car in the winter. They will help motorists avoid unpleasant surprises along the way, and let not spoil a beautiful winter morning with loud statements about running your car engine.

  1. Wash the car. As little as possible, try to expose your car to water procedures. Paint under the influence of a sharp change in temperature can deteriorate and fade beyond recognition. On the other hand, a mixture of salt and dirt that accumulates on the bottom of the wheel arches and leads to increased corrosion and therefore cannot do without cleaning. Before you, wash the car should be treated with a special spray all the locks, sealing windows and lock the fuel tank.
  2. Tools required. Not bad to have always at hand a tool that may be needed in the winter in the first place. Therefore, collect the key in the bag 10 for the battery terminals, WD40, gloves and carry it with you. In the trunk will not be superfluous brush sweeper, wires for lighting, and set of fuses.

Preparation Of The Car To The Garage Storage

Sudden changes in temperature, condensation and freezing lead to freezing of locks of doors, which are then difficult to open. The solution – WD40. This spray has become an indispensable assistant motorist in winter. It can help you not only to open the frozen door.

  1. Fuel. The amount of fuel in the tank must always be greater than half. Ideal – a full tank. The more air in the tank, the more water vapor, which crystallizes, settles to the bottom, which leads to premature wear of the fuel system and the fuel pump.
  2. The tire pressure. Prepare a winter rubber and watch the weather. Change the rubber is recommended at a temperature of + 5-7⁰C. During operation, make sure the tire pressure due to sudden changes in temperature it can change rapidly. This leads to deterioration of the clutch wheels of the car to the road surface, especially in the snow and slippery road segments.
  3. Washing the windows. Most winter problem – dirty glass, so check the fluid level in the reservoir. Buying liquid, pay attention to the freezing point. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers indicate accurate information, so dilute it to the desired concentration, and make a correction of a few degrees.
  4. Care coverage. Do not scrape the frozen mud of the headlamp wipers, this leads to minor scratches and poor lighting at night. In bad weather, wash them and dry with a soft cloth. Also, do not forget to monitor the cleanliness of the rear lights, to prevent an emergency.
  5. Vehicle Storage. If you are using your car only on weekends or holidays, in any case, do not cover his canvas awning. If you freeze to tilt the car body, then tearing it, you are sure to spoil the paint.

Watch this video to find out more about preparation of the car to the garage storage:

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