Secret Letters In Your Car – Guide To Abbreviations

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Cars of foreign brands, and many domestic and equipped with a variety of different systems and units, the names of which are hidden under the obscure Latin letters. Let’s together with you decipher them.

ACC (Automatic Climate Control) – Automatic air conditioning or climate – control. The system can automatically maintain a constant climate inside the vehicle. The air temperature is usually set manually. ACC system with sensors analyzes the intensity of solar radiation and the temperature inside the cabin and, when the temperature deviates from the set, the air conditioner fan.

Under the acronym, ACC is hiding another mechanism – Adaptive Cruise Control (Adaptive Cruise Control). ACC automatically maintains the desired speed of the vehicle and comply with a set distance from a vehicle traveling ahead. In the case of reducing the distance, ACC includes a brake subsystem.

ABS (Anti-lock braking system) – the electronic anti-lock system. ABS is designed to prevent complete blocking of the wheels when braking, while maintaining drivability. Secret Letters In Your Car panel

SP (Electronic Stability Program) – Electronic stability program. ESP is part of active safety systems. It prevents the vehicle skidding, for example, on a slippery road. The system is automatically activated when the drift, and using the on-board computer controls the timing of the wheels of power. Thus preserved stability and driver control over the vehicle.

PRS – Injury preventing pedals. PRS in the car is designed to release the clutch and brake pedals in a frontal collision at a traffic accident. This system greatly reduces the risk of leg injuries.

PTS (Park tronic system) and PDS (Park distance system) – warning system of a distance to an obstacle at a car parking. PTS is a set of sensors located in the front and rear of the vehicle. When parking sensors monitor distance to neighboring cars or other obstacles. The system turns on automatically when the engine is started and switched off when the vehicle speed exceeds 15 km / h.

GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) – a global satellite navigation system. It allows you to locate the car by using the tracking system by satellite.

Keyless-Go – keyless entry system in a car. The system allows you to open door locks and start the engine of the car with the help of plastic cards, without the usual key.

Watch this video for more alternative vehicle acronyms you may need to know:

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