Spark Plugs – How Not To Run Into A Fake?

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Well, that is the spark plug, I am sure everyone knows the car owner. Nevertheless, here is how to use them, alas, not everyone knows. So let’s reveal the topic of spark plugs is somewhat broader.

First, you should only use candles, which are recommended by the manufacturer of your car: it is clearly stated in the instruction manual of the car.

Most engine manufacturers recommend the use of candles «NGK»: these spark plugs are among the best in the world. However, there is another side of the “coin”: counterfeiting! It is sad, but the fake candles – not such a rarity, although signs of forgery in visible even to the naked eye. Therefore, this candle “core” is not unscrewed, the coating is smooth (on fakes cover rough), logo embossed clear (counterfeit logo, usually dull and blurry), net thread, correct the gap is (in the fakes can be seen bent electrodes).

Spark Plugs How Not To Run Into A Fake

When choosing a candle should be extremely careful, so as not to run into a fake, even if it is more or less similar to the original. Not quality spark plug leads to a loss of engine power, and then, on the rise, spread to the engine itself. Not the original candle leads to failure in the ignition system that pulls the disabling of the coil because of resistance from the fake candle is completely different. In addition, the fuel consumption doubles.

If your engine, after replacing the candles began mysteriously, the cause should first look for it in the candlelight. Even if you have the original spark, the problem may occur because of the soot, either because of downed gap.

Another point – the price of candles. There is a myth that if a candle is expensive – it is high quality. This is not true: it is possible for expensive to buy cheap fake! However, the cost of the spark plug should also have cause for concern. It is best to buy candles in specialized stores: there you get a guarantee! A spontaneous car market it is recommended to bypass the tenth expensive, of course, if you do not like pushing your luck.

Finally – a little statistics. Currently, steel mass counterfeiting of well-known manufacturers as «Bosh», «Champion» and «NGK». Therefore, be extremely careful! For example: a good set of spark plugs in the domestic car “VAZ” should cost no less than 400-500 rubles.

If you bought a candle, but you have doubts, do not be lazy to call at the station: a specialist will tell you exactly, you bought a fake or the original.

As you can see, “pitfalls” in the way of the motorist – a small car and truck! Therefore, always remain vigilant. Good luck on the road!

Watch this video to learn more about spark plugs:

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