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Every second owner has a Toning Сar. Window tinting machines – a change in its light transmission and reflection properties. In our country, the toning of glass is very popular, it is not only look beautiful, but also saves from the summer heat. All motorists want to protect your car from the bright sunlight that heats the car to such a condition that it be simply not possible. If you have car leather, seat and then sit in the cabin will be problematic. In addition, from the high temperatures and deteriorate the plastic in the cabin, from which many of the elements are made. Therefore, “How toned car? » Is a very topical issue in our time?

There are two ways window tinting:

  1. Using a special film;
  2. By spraying;

Toning Сar photo

Popular first option, because after the second glass cannot be returned to its previous state.

The advantages of the film is not only that it is toning glass; it also protects them from cracking that can occur due to falling stones. In the event of an accident, just perform a protective function and protects passengers from splinters.

When the blinding sun tinting also plays a favorable role for the driver, since it reduces the load on the eye.

Tinting machines can be made in virtually all service stations. If you want to save the tint can be done independently, but for this, you must first learn the instructions.

Toning Сar – What are the legal requirements?

To help you enjoy their smoked machines without having problems with the state inspection, it is necessary to know how toned car GOST.

According to the legislation, only three can be tinted rear glass. Windshield tinted completely impossible, but if you really want something, you can apply a visible line that does not exceed 15 cm in width. As for the smoked side windows, then through them should be held not less than 70% of the light. Therefore toning must not be higher than 12%, since the glass itself refracts rays by 18%.

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How to choose a membrane?

The market is very large selection of different films, different colors and different degrees of haze. Therefore, when you choose a film, you have to remember that in order to travel in the dark will not create any discomfort only light haze. The film, in which the haze ratio of 5% or 15% will already cause some discomfort when driving at night.

For this, it is necessary to choose a picture as a landscape-size A4 sheet, which can be placed somewhere on the side windows or rear, but without closing review. With such a pattern is created and three-dimensional appearance of toning images.

The price of toning is different; it depends on the model and brand of car. Many experts do not recommend doing the shading on their own, as they have special tools for tinting, they applied to the glass, and after 20 minutes, the old film turns into a jelly-like mass, which is then gently removed. If do shading in the home without this facility, the process of scraping the film with the old rear window, can cause damage to the heating filament. You certainly save on the rear window intoning, but damaged the heating system would cost far more than the savings. That’s it about Toning Сar, use the tips and be happy with the look of your vehicle.

Check out this video–>How to tint car side-window | DIY-sidewindows:

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