Unusual Application For Portland Drivers

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Find the green lights in Portland using this app

Today we’re going to speak about Unusual Application For Portland Drivers . So, Software Company in Oregon recently released an iPhone application called Green Driver, designed to help drivers in Portland to avoid red lights. The app uses a real-time feed from the Portland traffic control system to alert drivers to the best routes to catch green lights. Drivers who helped test the application said that it actually help them to find the best routes to a destination and reduce the number of red lights, they had to sit through on the journey. Developers are quick to point out that the application will not eliminate all the red lights on your trip, but it should reduce the number, which you will find.

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Unusual Application For Portland Drivers – How it works

All you need to do is enter the recipient’s address in the application, and it will begin to map your best green light route for you based on the GPS coordinates. The screen will display a map of where you are, with a blue line to indicate the fastest route to your destination. When you drive up to the green light at the intersection, the application will let you know how many seconds you have left before the green light will turn red.

How to save time?

There are definitely some positive aspects of green light as this application. Drivers will be able to cut frustrated expectations through long red lights, so that they can reach their destination faster. Even if the red light stops you, the app will give you countdown the remaining seconds before the light turns green again. The application must also help the Portland to monitor flow of traffic at intersections. This tracking system could eventually lead to a more efficient green and red light system, which would save time for everyone.

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Environmentally friendly

Application developers also point to the fact that fewer idling cars means fewer emissions occurring in the atmosphere. Drivers who can plan their trip through the green lights should stop less often. Since the idling car burns gasoline at a higher rate than the moving car, cutting down on the number of red lights you sit through can help you increase your car’s fuel economy. Reducing fuel consumption is good for your wallet as gas prices continue to rise. Lower fuel consumption is also good for the environment, as it cuts our dependence on non-renewable energy source. So, taht’s it as for Unusual Application For Portland Drivers.

Check out this video–>Green Driver App:

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