What Determines The Driver’s Reaction Time?

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By the time, the driver reaction time is meant separating a signal of change in road conditions obtained by the senses the driver, and the beginning of the impact on their vehicle controls.


In a reaction time of male drivers a little better than women – about 0.05. Lovely half, however, ahead of management accuracy. Age Young quickly detect the signal and process the information. However, the elderly spend less time to make the right decisions, moreover, the reaction time they stable.


No experience SDA knowledge and technology cannot replace the driver “experience, the son of errors difficult.” An experienced driver can immediately recognize the calm, disciplined, confident, sometimes intuitive driving. Acquired over the years, the ability to predict the situation on the road greatly reduces the reaction time of the driver with the experience.

What Determines The Driver's Reaction Time

Regular sport

Regular fitness sport and physical activity have on the body healing effect. Therefore, the physical health of drivers react faster to the danger.

Working conditions

City traffic – a permanent change in the traffic situation. Therefore, the driver in advance attuning oneself to it, better react to sudden danger than “lulled” long and monotonous long-distance route.

Time of day

Night – Time limited coverage, which even the most intense artificial light can compensate. Besides, nature has set up the biological clock of the human body to rest at night. In sum, it dulls the vigilance of the driver, on average five times. It is insidious in that regard dawn and twilight.

Adverse weather conditions

All that limits visibility on the road – rain, snow, fog, dust storm – and automatically increases the time it takes the driver to the vehicle control response. Poor grip of the tires and the road surface at the same time is able to instantly bring up a harmless situation threatens.


Alcohol is a powerful driver’s reaction time brake – by doubling or more. Even at small doses. It is enough to commit a crime. For no one has canceled that drunk man driving – a criminal. Mobile phone.

Mobile phone

The same absolute evil for the driver, as well as alcohol – decreases the response to the traffic situation at times. Perhaps, the State Duma adopted a law to increase the fines for talking on the phone while driving make things better. Although it might be necessary to make at once, as in the Netherlands: there is a two-week punished by imprisonment or a fine of 2000 euros.

Watch this video to learn how to improve driver`s reaction time:

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