What Is Often A Source Of Frustration For Car Drivers?

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Finding different people in a conditional space requires compliance with certain rules of behavior. Failure to comply will cause such as a minimum annoyance to other participants. Drivers – these are the participants of the conditional space on the roads.

The United States recently conducted a survey designed to find out – that annoys drivers most strongly in the behavior of their colleagues. The results were curious and largely consonant with the reality in our country. The rapid development of mobile technologies and social services (exciting an increasing number of people in your network), and affected the appearance of the main stimulus on the roads – the use of mobile phone while driving.

What are the results of a survey?

  • Since 69% of respondents said that, they irritate drivers, talking on the phone, as well as gaining short text messages, or working with e-mail / social media.
  • 60% of respondents already annoying behavior in no way connected with high mobile technologies. It is as old as vehicular traffic, model of behavior on the road, which can be characterized as “hovering on the tail.” The reluctance of traveling back to observe a distance turns out to be quite annoying traveling ahead of the driver.
  • Parallel with driving lesson something (reading books, make-up, etc.) causes irritation in 54% of the respondents. Riding with an endless rebuilding between lanes, or failure to comply with tiering (traveling between rows) 43% irritated drivers.What It Is Often A Source Of Frustration For Car Drivers
  • 39% irritate slug. After all, the majority of drivers try to go to the “upper limit” speed limit, because their time is expensive for everyone. Moreover, the extra overtaking reducing average speed and require the performance of potentially dangerous maneuvers.
  • Oddly enough, not to use a turn signal when evolutions annoying only 38%.
  • In 32% of irritating traveling in the left lane drivers when they could very well go to the right and not to interfere with overtaking.
  • Lack of courtesy when you rebuild positive emotions can cause. 30%, preventing change lanes surveyed annoy car drivers.
  • Violators speeding irritate only 27% of respondents.
  • Too frequent use of the signal “not in the case of” annoying 18% of drivers who took part in the survey.
  • However, the lack of appreciation from the upstream neighbor (for example, when he missed) causes a negative emotion at 13%.
  • In 12% of the respondents cause irritation when they begin the movement with more red light (but is about to be lit green).
  • By the way, in the UK a similar survey in TOP3 brought a slightly different alignment of stimuli.
  • For example, residents of Albion most annoying drivers that do not include “turn signals”. What follows is only a local “argument” in the form of high prices for parking. Only in third place overall for a number of countries stimulus – “hanging on the tail” of the drivers.

Watch this video to learn more about a source of frustration for car drivers:

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