Why Misted Car Windows – How To Avoid it?

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Road crashes can occur for entirely different reasons. However, more often they occur because of poor visibility. With snow or fog can handle, and the usual means – “wipers” and the fog lights. Nevertheless, clouding or fogging of the windows inside the car can be a serious hindrance to the driver’s in an accident. In this case, also there is some specific reason, because of what may be fogged or hazy window.

The reasons for which the misted window

Causes of sweating windows in the cabin can be different. However, the most common and the main reason for this – the difference between the temperature of the glass inside and outside the car. The moisture that is contained in the warm air inside the cabin, getting on the cold glass, forms microscopic droplets, creating a semblance of fog. In addition, cause clouding of glasses can be different things, soggy and damp clothing.

Clouding the windows and are subject to the owners of cars with climate control. In cases when the system works correctly, is usually no problem, but if the aperture is clogged for withdrawal of excess moisture, the excess deposited on the windows, creating poor visibility. Another cause of condensation on the windows may also be a liquid leakage to the cooling system or the heating system pipes, because of which it gets directly into the interior of the car, thereby, increasing the amount of moisture in the air. Why Misted Car Windows How To Avoid it

As is often misted glass worth checking the air intake valve from the street. If it is constantly closed, the same air is circulated only within the passenger compartment, which is why excess moisture have nowhere to go, and it remains on the windows. To check valve performance will be enough to splash it on the outside something with a strong odor. If it is OK, then the interior will feel the same smell.

How to avoid misting?

Since the most common cause fogging of windows – high humidity inside the machine, the best way to avoid this would be airing the vehicle or its full warming. The first option is best suited for the summer, and in winter will be enough to send the warm air to the windshield and side windows. For the rear window is often installed a separate heating system.

Good ventilation of the passenger compartment will ensure that the amount of condensation on the windows will be much less. This can improve the air duct, cut a hole in the casing of the luggage compartment and the addition of a plastic grid. This will increase the outflow of air, to be fed with moisture.

As an additional measure, it is recommended to remove the fabric mats, as they hold all the water in yourself and remain constantly moist. Therefore, it is better to use a rubber; they will not allow moisture to gather in one place. In addition, each time before sitting down in the car, you need to shake off shoes and clothes from the snow or excessive moisture and ventilate the car a little bit.

Watch this video to see how to avoid misted windows in your car:

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