Winter Studded Tires – Studded Tires Properties, Operating Conditions

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Rubber spiked – the smart choice for winter operation of the vehicle. However, its purpose is completely winter studded tires are not justified under all operating conditions. Optimal conditions for the use of rubber with spikes will be discussed below in this article.

The tread pattern with spikes in the rubber is almost identical to the pattern of a normal winter tires. However, very few tires harder, while at the same level shifts operation in the winter and provides good traction with the road surface.

Making a tire is not possible to softer, since the use of spikes involves a certain rigidity of the tire. Too soft rubber spikes can simply add or fall out and get lost, which means that they do not fulfill their purpose. Winter Studded Tires  Studded Tires Properties, Operating Conditions

At the same time, a special device studded rubber makes it more expensive than conventional, non-studded winter tires, also known as “Velcro”.

Best of all tires with studs showing itself to operate when the snow on the road is well-groomed or icy road. In this case, the spikes provide excellent grip with the surface, plunging into it. In this case, it is enough soft rubber behaves like “Velcro”. In this way, traction is much better.

The conditions on roads covered with snow is not groomed, spikes on the tires become useless. In such circumstances, winter studded tire begins to lose in quality usual winter tires due to a lack of softness.

To clean the road conditions, where there is no ice or snow tires with studs fit poorly. In such areas, due to the hardness of asphalt at low temperatures, the spikes do not perform their function, not penetrate into the surface and the tire starts to slide. Winter Studded Tires

With a low adhesion with asphalt, driving more difficult and creates a dangerous situation. Therefore, when driving on pure asphalt studded tires is very important to observe the speed limit. Sami spikes in the operation quickly wear out in a clean way. In addition, because of the spikes created quite a loud noise of comfort cannot speak in such terms (of course, if you have a conventional car without a powerful sound insulation).

From it follows that exploit winter studded tires must be designed for them in terms – on roads where snow is well compacted, any ice there. If you mainly have to ride on loose snow or pure asphalt (large cities), the thorns – this is an additional source of noise in the car, because of the danger of possible slip on dry asphalt at a higher price.

However, it is worth noting that even when operating in urban conditions, winter tires with spikes is a little longer, without losing its positive qualities. With reasonable approach to use, the service life of a rubber without loss of properties comes up to six years.

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that the operation of studded tires, you must place a warning label on the vehicle – a triangle with a red border and the letter “W”. Such a sticker on the rear window will warn other drivers about the need to keep your distance – after the stopping distance on icy road in rubber spikes are much smaller.

Watch this video to learn more about winter studded tires:

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